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03 Held the 1st TUSCARORA Mountain Climbing
12 Sponsored Gaurisankar Climbing by Korean Alpine Federation (KAF)
11 Registered TUSCARORA China Trademark and held Corporate Meeting with Citizens - Sponsored Autumn Concert
04 Opened Seodaegu Store
05 Renamed as Safe Trading and acquired INNO-BIZ Certificate
11 Established a subsidiary in China
11 Launched PRO CAM-FIS European Outdoor Brand
09 Implemented environmental protection campaign with Korea National Parks Authority
06 Opened Wooi Store in Mt. Bukhansan, Seoul
06 Opened Mt. Suraksan Store
04 Launched ECHOWIN Outdoor Brand
02 Established integrated IT network
01 Incorporated as Safe Trading
  Launched range of mountain climbing clothes and leisure products at Lotte Shopping
01 Completed TUSCARORA Brand Image
  Registered a utility model and a design on a multi-purpose table
  Registered a utility model and a design on a multi-purpose barbecue table
03 Expanded and completed the construction of a logistics center (Sam-ri, Nongong-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu City)
  Established logistics management system
01 Launched mountain climbing and leisure products at Samsung TESCO and LG Mart
05 Launched leisure products at E-Mart
03 Completed the construction of Plant No. 1 (Sam-ri, Nongong-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu City), exported camping products to the U.S.A. and Europe
02 Established Safe Trading (Mountain climbing products)
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